Our team, both in Australia and Vietnam, continues to strive to build a world class cloud application.

What we do?

Event Hub is the Event Relationship Management platform, that helps organisations manage premium inventory and hospitality services across venues and events. The platform leverages modern cloud software technologies to connect venue, organisations and event stakeholders – streamlining business event logistics, end-to-end.

Our Mission

Our mission is to digitally transform business events end-to-end by developing a platform that delivers a superior client experience and increases operational agility in servicing premium clients.

Our Vision

We’re bringing together the business of event!

Our Story

In 2011 and following a major client need, Rob McQuade and Dion Brant of Turnkey Management Group Pty Ltd (TMG) searched globally for a hospitality management system but ultimately couldn’t find a complete solution to meet all the needs.

There were lots of systems that different various transactional or other tasks, but nothing that completed the full cycle of logistics and services and certainly none that pulled all of the necessary information together.

Some systems looked after venues, and some looked after clients – all around the same set of events and activities – but completely disconnected.

TMG shared an office with Scott Hyde, founder and CEO of Vendormax who had some 25+ years of experience in logistics, supply chain and cloud software having developed Vendormax. Given no apparent solution to the client need, we discussed the possibility of building an end to end digital supply chain platform for events in the cloud.

We mapped out processes and presented it the client…they loved it and what is today known as Event Hub was born. We went live with our Beta V1 in November 2012…

As we continued to test our product-market fit theories three(3) recurring themes became apparent;

  1. Disconnected Systems
    Event stakeholders, venues, clients and their guests, were not digitally connected. In environments like this stakeholders are often connected in manual ways like email, fax or phone calls. Physical paper-based tickets are registered and posted. The activities were manually repetitive, time-consuming and often fraught by human error.
  2. Unpackaged Services
    Limited aggregation of services like tickets, catering, parking resulted in disjointed customer experiences that negatively impacted utilisation and client/guest satisfaction. Especially when it came to event rescheduling and cancellations where event organisers had to access multiple systems or contact different suppliers to manage the change.
  3. Multiple Tools
    Event organisers were frequently seen manually copy/pasting between spreadsheets, emails and other disconnected tools. Increased event activity only compounded the problem resulting in greater operational inefficiencies, costing organisations time and money.

From Day 1, we have focussed on and continued to build a product that is singularly focussed on these industry challenges. Starting with a sole developer, Event Hub is now a team of over 15 full-time employees located in Australia and Asia Pacific. We know and understand the business of events and have substantially grown not only our development but also our support team and are proud of being now being renowned for delivering unparalleled support to our customers. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what our customers say.

Today, over five-thousand events have been managed through Event Hub. More than one million people have been invited, seventeen thousand orders have been placed and more than an estimated $125M worth of services processed through the platform.

A fully evolved, end to end events platform is a tremendous goal and has been a huge task, but we’re not finished yet. We continue to commit to listening and responding to our customer request for new and better features and capabilities and we release updates every two weeks.

Event Hub has matured to be a sophisticated and holistic Event Relationship Management (ERM) platform for some of Australia’s biggest venues, most high profile sporting bodies and largest companies, that seamlessly integrates with ticketing providers and service providers, as well as other hospitality systems giving our clients the distinct advantage of having ALL of the tools necessary to run their premium event activities while surfacing insights to help their business relationships grow.

Scott, Rob & Dion


Qudos Bank Arena, Australia’s largest and most successful arena becomes Event Hub’s first venue client

Telstra, Australia’s largest telco joins Event Hub


Secured Series A – Capital Funding

ANZ Stadium and Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) join Event Hub

Cricket Australia joins Event Hub


Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICC),  National Rugby League (NRL) and Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) join Event Hub

Optus StadiumVenues NSW and Bankwest Stadium join Event Hub


Coca Cola/ DHL/ Parramatta Eels/ ARU

Greater Western Sydney Giants and Network Ten join Event Hub

March 2020

Release of New fully Integrated, Single Venue + Corporate
Cloud Application
Connect + Stream

Organise any event, any meeting

For just about any event, Event Hub streamlines event management making you your organisations’ Event Hero.

OK! What type of customer are you?

I am a venue or arena

I run many events across many facilities & physical spaces

I manage Suites/boxes, rooms or VIP seats

I SELL tickets and distribute them to others

I may be a venue owner, Team / Hirer or an agent.


I am a corporate of an organization that manages events and guests

rather than SELL tickets, we issue complimentary tickets to

Employees, partners, sponsors, or key customers.