The transformative power of cloud computing

Your business is already benefitting from the cloud and the SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings it enables. It could probably be benefitting more  Much like the meteorological phenomenon, it’s named after, there’s something fuzzy about the cloud. Many people don’t differentiate between ‘the Internet’ and ‘the cloud’. Even more tech-savvy individuals – who are […]

True SAAS software means real commitment, long term, to an outstanding fit-for-purpose product built from the ground up.

You don’t need a computer science degree to work out if your SaaS provider is overcharging and underdelivering  While I can’t pretend to be a disinterested party, this article is a sincere attempt to educate non-techie venue and event managers. In the long run, my industry doesn’t benefit from customers wasting lots of time and […]

If your event-management SaaS contains inadequate tech, you’re paying the price

Most people in the venue-and-event-management industry don’t have the expertise or bandwidth to get into the weeds when examining the tech stack of their software provider. That’s understandable but unfortunate because software that’s reliant on legacy or generic technology (as opposed to a cutting-edge tech stack built from the ground up) is inefficient, difficult to […]