I often discuss the Vision of Event Hub to be like “Cloud version 2.0”. I was sent the article below recently which describes this proposition very well.

From a company that invests in SAAS technologies. A post-“Salesforce.com” approach.

SAAS 2.0 is the development of cloud software from tools like salesforce.com or large CRMs – also known as Horizontal software. to Vertical software. “Horizontal” Software tries to be the standard platform across industries. Vertical software specializes in industries. By specializing in an industry you can focus on features that are needed to do a better job for that industry and the tasks and processes needed to be successful in your industry.

The Event Hub vision is to build an outstanding Vertical for the Venue and Events industry – with native cloud computing as its primary infrastructure. Read more – written by those with the vision to invest more in this space.


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