Event Hub completely understands it’s a big decision and hard work to change an in-use mission-critical system.

Maybe as hard as it’s taken us to build one 🙂

The major issue may be one of Risk – the risk to move from a working system can be large. That’s undoubted. 

Event Hub has can provide the following support resources in order to help Minimize this risk. The following support options are available – and subject to the Terms & conditions mentioned at the end of this article.

Event Hub will provide;

  1. 3-6 months of Event Hub – full platform at no cost
  2. Dedicated “transition” analyst managed by our Product Manager
  3. Transition Map – for rollout Parallel/pilot use.
  4. Weekly meetings on rollout and data updates
  5. Templates for Data transfer
  6. Data cleanse by the same analyst for pilot Build.

Your company will need to supply;

  1. Landscape image or chart of your current systems – prior to commencement for our assessment.
  2. Brand /content designs /mock-ups as required for customer facing content.
  3. Weekly input to Pilot-rollout meetings.
  4. You may need to post master – Event-Data from an originating data source – to enable “best practice”.
  5. You may need to consider a new financial system – like XERO or Cloud MYOB. This is the only module Event Hub has not already completed by Event Hub or not on our roadmap. It doesn’t make sense for EH to “re–invent these wheels”

We guarantee to only transition one major customer per quarter in this program. Our focus on your success is our success.

Terms and conditions 

You are currently a user of a major system like Ungerboaek or Salesforce.com

At the end of the agreed term months if you wish to continue to use Event Hub – you commit to a further 2 years, or we shake hands and move on.

You sign our NDAs regarding our ideas and system.