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Why makes Event Hub Different?

Event Hub Is different. We use cloud computing to remove non valued processes - reduce cost, and empower consumers along the Event Supply Chain. See examples in both markets below or see a demo by clicking here.


Leading organisations trust Event Hub to power their events


Leading organisations trust Event Hub to power their events

Build better relationships

Improve your customers’ experience, and win more business. Meet the very first Event Relationship Management (ERM), designed specifically for Events.

Benefit from quality contact data as guest profiles are automatically updated with hospitality specific details like dietary needs and partners name

Drive revenue and growth

Australia’s leading brands use Event Hub every day to deliver a better client entertainment experience that drives revenue and growth.

Better decision making with greater insights into your client’s preferences and hospitality expenditure

Boost productivity

Streamline and automate repetitive tasks increases resource efficiency and eliminates human error, allowing your team to do more with less.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and improve stakeholder and team collaboration to increase productivity.

Leverage Cloud Computing

Build from the ground up using best in class technolgies like Node/lambda, react + graph AP. Event Hub anables your organisation to utilise Cloud computing to dramatically reduce TCO and connect your customers along your vertcial supply chain.

Organise any event, any meeting

For just about any event, Event Hub streamlines event management making you your organisations’ Event Hero.

All-in-one control for your events

Event hub is very user-friendly and event management becomes a breeze. The staff are also extremely helpful & love the new chat feature – There is always someone on hand to help.

Telstra Corporation

The support team are AMAZING!! Once you know how the programme works, it is great to use!

Cascade Brewery

The new support chat is great, and the continuous updates on when the site is improving! thank you, guys!


The response time to queries is instantaneous! Event Hub support staff know what they are doing! Thank you for being patient with me whilst I am learning.

Carlton & United Breweries

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OK! What type of customer are you?

I am a venue or arena

I run many events across many facilities & physical spaces

I manage Suites/boxes, rooms or VIP seats

I SELL tickets and distribute them to others

I may be a venue owner, Team / Hirer or an agent.


I am a corporate of an organization that manages events and guests

rather than SELL tickets, we issue complimentary tickets to

Employees, partners, sponsors, or key customers.